Spring Renewal Gift Set Small batch, limited edition.

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In a special collaboration for springtime, Mother's Day, and all of your seasonal celebrations, we are complimenting our Dry Gloss Manicure kit with a Desert Rose Red Clay soap and a Black Tea and Veviter candle from Summer Solace Tallow. Perfect to create a relaxing ritual for polishing nails and nourishing hands.

Delicately floral with an earthy touch, Desert Rose is a full-fat soap with extra gentle and highly mineralized French rose clay, hydrosols of rose and orange blossom, sweet-scented rose geranium, and an exotic, warm sweet amber melange oil.

The candle is crafted with organic tallow, locally sourced beeswax, smoky black souchong tea, and vetiver essential oil.

The Dry Gloss Manicure for this set will include our signature Citrine oil. Full description of ingredients and methods are on the main product page.

This gift set is a small batch limited edition, available from March to May, 2021. Pre-orders will begin shipping in mid April.