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  • A Safe Space
    for Nail Care.

    Restorative mani pedi methods.

  • "To me, there’s nothing chicer than a shiny,
    buffed nail. It’s like no-makeup makeup for your hands:
    it says, I put time into my appearance, but I’m not
    trying to cover anything up.” — Into The Gloss
  • “An interest in health is perhaps an obvious
    outcome of the pandemic, but it’s still a novel interest
    in the nail care space. In place of nail polish, consumers are
    turning toward a new category: nail wellness.”
    —The New York Times
  • "The allure?
    Nourished, natural nails without
    the potential pitfalls of polish."
    —Zoe Ruffner


It started with the simple idea that natural nails should be just that; shined and nourished with the same ingredients you find in high-end organic skincare. We partnered with select formulators and producers to create a method that works without any harmful solvents or plasticizers. A revelation for those who prefer a beautifully-groomed natural nail.

We want to change the way
you feel about your nails.

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