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I’m Suzanne, and I’m the founder of Bare Hands.

I’ve always loved the look of natural nails and found that caring for them in an intentional way really changed how I saw myself. The need for natural goes way back to art school when I learned that many solvents for oil-based paint weren’t healthy. I felt that if those solvents weren’t good for fine art use, then surely similar products couldn’t be good for my nails.

I began talking to people about their habits and researching new methods to solve this problem. Soon it became clear that a lot of women didn’t like the way their nails looked most of the time, and none of them had methods to care for them in a truly natural way. For the many of us that spend time working with our hands in studios, kitchens and offices, I wanted an alternative to salon manicures that just weren't a sustainable solution.


After 2 years of development, I now have the method that I’m truly proud of that is not only healthier for you, but gives people an easier way to care for themselves at home.

I believe The Dry Gloss Manicure should be accessible to everyone, so it’s priced to be less than the cost of one salon visit. I hope that this expands your notion of what polished can feel like and becomes another stage in your clean beauty journey.