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Are the Cuticle Oil pens refillable? - Bare Hands

Are the Cuticle Oil pens refillable?


Our cuticle oil pens are manufactured as single use items. And because they were designed not to leak (a pretty good trait!), they can be tricky to refill. Disclaimer: If you do attempt it, please be mindful of the dangers to both you and the pen itself. If you are comfortable using tools and have good dexterity, then watch any video on YouTube with the description "oil pen refill" to see if it's something you'd be comfortable trying. We would love nothing more than to extend the life of the oil pens, but we simply don’t have a design available that is easily refilled at this stage. 



One sustainable option to try (that’s more suitable for home use), is to pair our 1oz glass vial of oil with a clean makeup brush. Just use a single drop from the dropper in a small dish and dip the brush into it. If you need help, please don't hesitate to contact us at



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