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The makings of an industry disruption -  A note from Suzanne - Bare Hands

The makings of an industry disruption - A note from Suzanne


[August 2021, by Suzanne Shade] Sometimes you get tired of waiting for the world to change. And you just have to get to work changing it yourself.


This idea and the vision of a healthier nail business was all I started with. No roadmap, no investors, no beauty industry connections.


In the time since I launched in 2020, the world did indeed change— but in a way none could have predicted. Global health and environmental challenges made us aware of how fragile we are. And that shifting intentions can lead to incremental positive change: sustainable habits, close connections, social action. For many, the old ways of thinking will never suffice again.


A lot of you have given up polish after adopting the Dry Gloss Manicure. (Which pretty honestly I didn’t expect!) And people from all walks of life have become evangelists (which actually I did expect).


All of the most heartfelt stories that have come from you— tales of focus-making, habit-breaking, self esteem-building — have truly touched my heart. Changing our routine acts of self care was my mission from the start, so these personal notes will never stop inspiring me to show up every day for change.


“Optimism believes that something good will happen.
Hope believes we will do something good.” —Scott Holzman

Trying a first-of-its-kind product can be risky. So much courage it takes to try something new! So I commend YOU for taking that leap (or contemplating it).


I’ve got another revolution brewing that just launched into the world— If you love the Dry Gloss kit, The Natural Pedicure is a totally unique, wildly natural extension of this concept.


Thank you again for spreading the word, gifting and sharing— it means the world. Here’s to the next revolution and more ways to go Bare!

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